06/06/2018 dkurtz

Welcome Chinese


Our mission is to help businesses with the China Market. We support your distribution strategy on China, both online and offline, with main focus on bringing high qualified traffic to certified clients website. But also by teaching you how best you can welcome chinese tourists and assist them during the stay in your city and country. Our project is called “Welcome Chinese”


We partnershiped with three important entities in order to bring successfull solutions. CTA, China Tourism Academy, is a specialized institute directly under China National Tourism Authority. CTA supports the “Welcome Chinese” standard to better welcome Chinese tourists, it promotes the project and privileges the participants who have implemented the standard by recommending them to the Chinese travel industry.The certification program sees also the participation of state owned companies like China Central Television (CCTV), the countries state owned television network, and China Union Pay (CUP), China’s sole issuer of credit cards.


Our project is open to everyone. We started with single hotel and some of the big hotel chain. But each business can learn more on how to actract chinese travellers and we can help doing the right job. So we created certification standard for almost any business category, from shopping mall to tours&escursions company. Just lately two big name on the italian transportation fields joined the Welcome Chinese project: Aeroporti di Roma, Airport of Rome and NTV, italian first private rail company.